Importance of Taking a Mental Day

Today, I’m talking about the importance of taking what I like to call a “mental day”.

To me, a mental day is a time in which you consciously decide to do whatever it is that your soul needs. Maybe it’s letting go of your lengthy to-do list and getting out to do something fun, or maybe it’s not giving two sh*ts and staying in your pj’s all day. Whatever it is, it’s a time for you to truly get in touch with how you’re feeling and to figure out what you need at the moment.

I’m talking about this now because last weekend I found myself needing to cool it! I was up late the night before working on a project and woke up just as stressed (and emotional) as when I went to bed. I felt super overwhelmed with the different directions that my life is going in (most very exciting) and felt like everything needed to stop in time or I was going to give up on it all. Knowing that this is something I didn’t truly want, I took it upon myself to acknowledge that I am in control and that I need to take a breather. So, I roused myself out of bed and packed my day bag to head off to my mom’s for the day. Not only was some conversational therapy going to help, but it was a beautiful sunny day and she has a quiet and relaxing backyard to de-stress in.

With me, I packed some lunch, coloring pens and a coloring book (yes, adults can color too – click here to learn more about the tremendous benefits), my Kindle, and some warmer clothes to lay out on the lounge chair.

This day turned out to be exactly what I needed: I colored outside, gardened (picking weeds is extremely relaxing for me) and found myself taking a 2-hour nap. I hardly ever take naps and was so zonked out on this one; it was another reminder that my body and spirit needed to slow down. I went back home later in the afternoon, made a healthy and simple dinner and watched a movie solo. The day ended and I found myself in a much better mental and emotional spirit. I felt refreshed and was able to truly LET GO. I let go of any responsibility and pressure I had on myself, any project deadlines, and any negative thoughts. Sometimes, we can get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that it is imperative we give ourselves a mental day to continue the drive and feel new again!

Some of my other favorite de-stressors are:
Essential oils (Elizabeth VanBuren and Doterra are my favorites)
Diffuser (check my Equipment page)
Hunting for sea glass
Taking a bath

So, the next time you’re feeling like you’re at your limits, try blocking out a day (or even half) to simply let go and enjoy what makes you happy. You’re body, mind, and soul will surely thank you.

Peacefully, Kylie ♥

The Food Mermaid

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